2016. Letter Published in The Times on EU Referendum.

23June 2016

Northern Ireland is the only UK region that would have a land border with the EU post-Brexit. The Leave campaign has argued that the UK should leave the single market but that somehow the current ‘invisible’ North-South border, established as a result of the EU single market with free movement of people and goods, would continue.

The reality is that it would be necessary to restore border checks and certification to prevent non-EU goods freely entering the Irish Republic and EU migrants entering the UK. It is also likely that increased security would be imposed at Northern Ireland ports and airports to prevent migrants using the Irish Republic as a ‘back door’ entry route into Great Britain, thus making travel within the UK more difficult.

Does the Leave camp really wish to isolate Northern Ireland both within the UK and on the island of Ireland?

Professor Gerry McKenna MRIA

Dungannon, Co Tyrone


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